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Design-Build Construction

The Design-Build Difference

With over 30 years of design-build construction experience and a proven track record of delivering successful projects. ARCO design-build contractors have successfully completed over 5,500 design-build construction projects in over 400 cities across the United States. Contact an ARCO design-build contractor near you and get started today!

Mitigate risk and maximize success with ARCO’s design-build approach to construction.

Experienced Design-Build Contractors

We have perfected the design-build construction process. ARCO Design/Build contractors provide a wide range of commercial and industrial construction services and a seamless and risk-mitigating building experience, turnkey delivery, and unified project outcomes. Design-build isn’t just a service we offer; it’s the ARCO way of doing business.

Integrated Excellence

Leveraging our design-build contractors, integrated architects, engineers, and construction professionals, we deliver efficient communication, seamless project execution, and self-performing concrete capabilities for cost savings and superior quality.

End-To-End Project Ownership

We provide a seamless, accelerated timeline by simultaneously managing the design, buyout, and construction phases, delivering your project with unparalleled efficiency.

  • Mastery in early financial risk transfer and front-end value.
  • Comprehensive project management from conception to completion.
  • Accelerated project timelines through our design-build approach.

Unsurpassed Cost Certainty & Flexibility

Lump sum pricing and flexible financing solutions provide an unmatched level of financial transparency and flexibility, reducing unexpected costs and making your financial planning more effective.

  • Unparalleled cost certainty via Lump Sum Pricing.
  • Flexible financing solutions even in paused or declining speculative building markets.
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"Design-build is the fastest-growing and most popular method used to deliver construction projects in America."

Design Build Institute of America

Design Build Construction


We leverage our experience and resources to provide conceptual site plans early in the site selection process. This gives our clients a leg up on the competition by allowing them to move quickly on real estate opportunities.

Due Diligence

Once we have a conceptual plan, we leverage our expertise and internal team of engineers and architects to ensure the concept is feasible. We visit the site to determine logistics, restrictions, entitlements, and necessary permitting.

Integrated Architectural Design

We collaborate with our internal team of architects and structural engineers to accelerate permitting and construction plans for your facility. This allows us to create drawings faster than our competitors. The sooner your permit is approved, the better.


A dedicated Design Build Construction Manager, working with an experienced Superintendent, provides ongoing communication about the status of construction through every step of the project.

Post-Construction Building Commissioning

Upon completion of your facility, ARCO Design/Build proactively confirms that the industrial facility and related building systems are operating at the highest level of functionality, integrity, and reliability.

Single Source of Accountability

Design-Build Project Managers are multi-disciplined engineers and experts at reducing project time, avoiding coordination mistakes, and providing a single source of accountability capable of advising you on all aspects of your construction project. Ensuring a unified building experience and turnkey project delivery to provide you with peace of mind.

Bespoke Designs & National Presence

Combining national reach with local expertise, we offer tailored design solutions to meet the unique needs of your project and deliver consistent results anywhere in the nation. Backed by a $5B enterprise, we offer unmatched resources for manufacturing, packaging, distribution, warehouse construction, cold storage construction, and GMP/cGMP-compliant facilities. Providing design-build construction services for over 400 active new construction, renovation, build-to-suit, retrofits, and tenant fit-out projects across the United States. No other building design or construction company can match ARCO’s resources in technical skills, specialized industry knowledge, proven building experience, and financial stability.

Ready to get started on your next design-build project? Contact ARCO Design/Build today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Design-Build Project Delivery

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What sets ARCO’s design-build approach apart?

ARCO’s design-build approach marries the quality of design and construction, expense management, and adherence to schedule into one responsibility. We offer our customers preliminary design at no cost, reducing the risk of significant upfront costs.

What is ARCO’s approach to project timelines?

Our design-build model facilitates simultaneous design, buyout, and construction services, dramatically reducing overall project schedules and delivery time.

How does ARCO manage financial risks?

ARCO takes on financial risk early in a project, offering clients stability and peace of mind.

What measures does ARCO take for cost transparency?

We adopt a Lump Sum Pricing model, which provides clients a transparent understanding of the entire project cost upfront, thereby reducing unexpected expenditures.

What is the extent of ARCO’s project management?

ARCO provides end-to-end oversight of the construction process from initial planning to project completion, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

How are ARCO’s design-build solutions customized?

We design solutions specific to each project, optimizing outcomes and securing client satisfaction.