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Cold Storage Construction

From cold storage construction to temperature-controlled food & beverage facilities to refrigerated warehouse construction for pharmaceuticals and life sciences, our cutting-edge design-build solutions are designed to deliver efficiency, durability, and unparalleled design. We’re ready to build your next cold storage facility; contact ARCO Design/Build today!

Expertise matters.

The ARCOLD Promise

Every cold storage facility is a testament to our commitment – blending innovative designs with hands-on management, delivering efficiency, durability and unparalleled design.

Proven Legacy, Fresh Vision

Building on ARCO Design/Build’s rich history of award-winning industrial designs, ARCOLD emerges as a cutting-edge solution tailored for industrial temperature controlled facilities.

Expertise Meets Innovation

ARCOLD encapsulates years of proven industry knowledge, expertise, and innovative thinking, setting a new standard in refrigerated facility and cold storage construction.

From Concept to Completion

ARCOLD designs and delivers unparalleled efficiency, durability, and design in every cold storage facility with integrated architectural, structural, civil and concrete resources to deliver quality projects and enhance the construction experience with early risk transfer and cost assurance.

Experienced Cold Storage Builders

At ARCO Design Build, we understand the critical impact cold storage facilities have on profitability in industries like food & beverage manufacturing, processing, and distribution. Cold storage industries require specialized temperature management and scalable systems to maximize throughput, and we are experts in delivering solutions that meet these unique needs.

With a deep understanding of finished and raw goods, blast freezing, and both internal & external industrial building systems, our cold storage builders, engineers, and architects have the experience, expertise, and technical knowledge required to design and build state-of-the-art cold storage facilities that are unmatched in quality, reliability, and efficiency.

ARCO Advantages

ARCO cold storage builders design and build over one million sq ft of cold storage space each year

Over 10 million sq ft of cold storage built in the last five years

ARCO cold storage builders have completed over 250 cold storage construction projects across the United States

4.1 million sq ft of cold storage is currently under construction for food and beverage industry clients

$1.4 billion in contracts completed for food and beverage industry manufacturing, processing, & distribution in the last five years

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cold Storage Construction

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What is cold storage?

Cold storage warehouses are facilities that primarily store food items, particularly those that have a short shelf life at room temperature. In order to maintain the quality, shelf life, and integrity of perishable items, they are stored at a cooler, controlled temperature in cold storage warehouses. ARCO Design/Build are experts in cold storage construction. We provide everything you need to establish a cold storage facility, from start to finish. As the leading cold storage contractors, we have provided cold storage facilities for many companies across North America.

What is design-build cold storage construction?

Design-build cold storage construction is a new, innovative method where the designer and builder work together from the beginning of a project until the end. Many companies across the country prefer this method of manufacturing facilities because it offers one budget, one contract, and one source of accountability. When you work together with a single cold storage contractor instead of dealing with multiple contractors, you’ll save time and money. By hiring ARCO Design/Build to build your cold storage facility, we’ll create a unique build-to-suit warehouse that fits your company’s specific situation and needs while staying within the exact parameters of your project.

How do cold storage warehouses work?

Cold storage warehouses are complex environments that have specialized temperature-controlled sections. Each section is designed to store perishables at specific temperatures. Warehouses are constructed using a combination of insulated walls and HVAC cooling systems to limit the transfer of heat between the outside and inside. In order to complete a project of this magnitude, you need a knowledgeable and successful cold storage builder who takes a careful approach to construction that ensures quality, efficiency, and flexibility, such as ARCO Design/Build.

What are the advantages of having a cold storage facility?

For many businesses that sell perishable items, having a cold storage facility has many incredible benefits. The most obvious benefit is that storing items in a cold storage warehouse prevents them from spoiling and prolongs their shelf life. In many facilities, there are many options for temperature control, allowing companies to store many different items at varying temperatures. By extending the shelf life of perishables, companies can keep spoilage to a minimum and can pass along cost savings to consumers.

Industrial Expertise

We thrive with industries well-known for their exacting guidelines and particular building needs. Our specialized experience is your advantage.