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We own it.


Ownership inspires accountability. As a 100% associate-owned company, every person at ARCO operates with the mindset of an owner. This means that every decision we make is aligned with the best interest of our customer and the company.

ARCO is proud to be 100% Employee owned.

By becoming a company with an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP), eligible full-time associates became shareholders and owners of the company, allowing our team to benefit financially from the profitability of the company.

Annually, associates receive shares of stock in the company commensurate with their salaries. As an ESOP we’re structuring the company in a way that we distribute the profits equitably with our associates combined with a sense of ownership for the work we all do.

Why We Chose an ESOP

The transition to ESOP ownership was made to empower and enhance ARCO’s long-standing entrepreneurial model.

Becoming an ESOP also embodies one of our core values; Create Opportunities for Individual Financial Success Based on Merit.

ARCO Associates are now even more invested in building a successful company with an outstanding culture as a team of associate-owners.

As stakeholders in the company, associates continue to work hard to deliver both the very best customer experience for our clients and rewarding professional careers for themselves.

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