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Warehouse Construction

Ranked #1 Warehouse Builders in the United States by Engineering News-Record (ENR). Whether it’s a last-mile logistics solution, an infill market development, or a build-to-suit warehouse with bespoke capabilities, our warehouse construction experts understand each evolving link of the supply chain and adapt our approach to advance modern distribution and warehouse construction.

#1 Warehouse Builders in the United States

ARCO Warehouse Construction Experts

ARCO designs and builds warehouses and distribution centers of all sizes and types nationwide. Experience has taught us that turning vacant land into a large distribution center is never a small undertaking. That’s why we get involved early in the due diligence process, helping real estate developers analyze land and understand the value of a location. As your partner, not just a vendor, we want to help you determine a location’s feasibility before spending valuable time and resources.

Turnkey Project Delivery

We’re trusted advisors to land developers and brokers focused on speculative warehouse construction and placement. Our warehouse construction contractors deeply understand architecture, location, geotechnical land surveys, entitlements, and land permits, allowing you to focus on your business. At the same time, we take care of the rest. It’s our focus and execution during this crucial planning phase that establishes successful warehouse construction and turnkey project delivery.

Build-To-Suit (BTS) Warehouses

ARCO warehouse construction contractors specialize in build-to-suit warehouse construction. We utilize valuable developer resources and expertise to design and build state-of-the-art build-to-suit warehouses with bespoke capabilities, controlled environments, and specific customized functionality according to the needs of each client. We focus on the purpose and functionality of each warehouse facility we build. And empower our team of integrated architects, structural engineers, design-build contractors, warehouse construction managers, and superintendents to design, build, and deliver each BTS warehouse.

ARCO Advantage

Ranked #1 Builder of Warehouses in the United States by Engineering News-Record (ENR)

We’re ready to support bespoke facility design and layout for critical processes such as SKU throughputs, racking configurations, and automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS). Most importantly, our team knows the right questions to ask — early in the planning phase — so that your building can best fit its intended use now and in the future.

Ranked #5 Top Design-Build Firms by Engineering News-Record (ENR)

Our architects work directly with our warehouse construction team to analyze & ensure optimal building functionality.

ARCO warehouses streamline the order fulfillment process in an urban or rural marketplace by accounting for automated equipment and quick-retrieval racking layouts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Warehouse Distribution FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about warehouse and distribution facility construction. Ready to start building a state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution center? Contact an ARCO warehouse construction contractor near you and get started today!

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What is warehouse construction?

Warehouses are large buildings that store items for a company. There are many types of warehouses, including those that need refrigeration or even freezing capabilities. Warehouse construction refers to building warehouses with specific needs for each company. Warehouse construction differs notably from other construction types, partly because of the materials used. Steel, concrete, and piping frameworks supporting warehouse roofing and outside cladding are common building materials. Warehouses are substantially more significant than other buildings and have special construction requirements, including the installation of racking systems.

How much does it cost to build a warehouse?

Many variables determine the cost of building a warehouse, such as location, building design, steel prices, building size, specifications, and more. To determine how much it would cost to build a warehouse for your company, contact the ARCO Design/Build associates.

What is supply chain logistics?

Supply chain logistics refers to coordinating the storage and shipping of goods in the supply chain. As the backbone of many businesses worldwide, supply chain logistics is the warehousing, transportation, and inventory network that gets products from the producer to the consumer.

What are distribution centers?

A distribution center is a specific type of warehouse that serves as a centralized hub to store goods and expedite shipping. Warehouses are often cooled with refrigeration or air conditioning to maintain the quality of goods while in storage and are demand-driven storage facilities. They’re the foundation of a supply network because one location can stock various products.

What is strategic sourcing in supply chain management?

Strategic sourcing in supply chain management helps businesses meet their goals and purchasing strategy by maximizing the value of their purchasing decisions by gathering and organizing helpful data. Strategic sourcing considers contract negotiation, outsourcing models, and supplier development.

What is a build-to-suit warehouse?

Build-to-suit warehouses are a specific type of warehouse where there is an agreement between the developer and client to build a warehouse to fit the client’s needs. The developer and client work together to create the design and construction requirements. Once both parties agree on the specifications, the warehouse construction begins.

What are warehouse logistics?

Warehouse logistics refers to the practice of planning, moving, and managing the distribution of goods in a warehouse to meet the objectives of a business. Warehouse logistics maximizes the efficiency of procedures and policies while organizing complex operations. For example, warehouse logistics manages the inventory flow in and out of a storage facility.

What is an urban infill?

Urban infill refers to the process of developing underutilized or vacant land within currently existing developed urban areas. Urban infill accommodates growth and is critical to making cities more socially sustainable. An example of urban infill is developing a former rail yard into a usable space according to city zoning laws. It could be turned into housing or a commercial complex.

How does a distribution center work?

The purpose of a distribution center is to receive shipments of products from manufacturers and then redistribute them to their final destinations. The goal of a distribution center is to get this done as quickly and efficiently as possible to maximize outflow.

What is an infill development?

In many cities, under-utilized or vacant parcels of land exist in the middle of areas already primarily developed. Infill development seeks to develop these areas into functional properties to increase urban density and improve the area.

Why is warehouse layout design important?

Warehouse design is important because it improves and maximizes the warehouse flow, effectively reduces stock losses, and improves overall efficiency. An effective warehouse layout design also considers budget considerations, available space, flow, accessibility, equipment, and personnel.

What are the main functions of a warehouse?

The primary purpose of a warehouse is to safely and correctly store goods before distributing them to other locations. Warehouses also play a role in price stabilization and can feature a product assembly line and even a rental storage space for other companies.

What types of warehouses does ARCO design and build?

As the top warehouse construction company across the United States, ARCO Design/Build has constructed warehouses and distribution centers of various types. Because we specialize in built-to-suit warehouse construction, we build warehouses with specific functionality, controlled environments, and capabilities to suit each client.

What are the factors to consider when deciding to build a new warehouse?

You’ll want to consider several factors when building a warehouse for your company. First, consider the layout and flow that your warehouse might need. You’ll also need to research zoning laws and workforce availability in the area where you’d like to build a warehouse. Many companies also need to consider the warehouse construction cost. Once you have considered these other factors, focus on designing the warehouse to suit your needs. We recommend working with a design/build contractor, such as ARCO Design/Build, to build a warehouse that is the perfect fit for your company.

What is risk-bearing in a warehouse?

Once goods are moved into a warehouse, the liability of those goods is then transferred to the owner of the warehouse. While inside the warehouse, goods are exposed to many risks, including deterioration, fire, theft, etc. Risk-bearing in a warehouse assumes liability for anything that happens to those goods while in storage at that facility.

How do ARCO warehouses mitigate the risk of project owners?

Because ARCO builds to suit the needs of each client, we can effectively mitigate risks by designing a warehouse to suit their needs. In fact, we have recently launched a sustainability initiative that aligns with our client’s priorities and delivers front-end value that mitigates risk by providing sustainable building options that meet the ever-changing demands of the industrial real estate market. We focus on providing solutions that deliver value and reduce risk for our clients.

What are the criteria for designing an efficient warehouse layout?

While planning an efficient warehouse layout, several factors need to be considered. First, what goods will the warehouse store, and what physical characteristics does the building have that need to be changed? What equipment is available to use in the warehouse? You’ll also want to consider how the goods circulate in the warehouse and how that will affect the procedures in your warehouse. Also, consider the available staff and how the warehouse will be organized.

What is the ideal layout of a warehouse?

While there are many popular warehouse layouts, the ideal warehouse layout is best suited for the company that owns the facility. A practical and efficient warehouse layout optimizes storage while utilizing the best workflow for the workers in the company.

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