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The Exchange interviewed Drew Enstice, Director of Business Development for ARCO’s Baltimore region. The cover story is about the high-tech racking system we implemented for NAFCO in Jessup, MD.

ARCO faced the challenge of maximizing the space of the 70,000 SF cold storage facility. We opted to install a mobile racking system, which allows NAFCO to store 15 million pounds of seafood at once. NAFCO will use the facility to serve its 3,100 customers in the region. The warehouse holds a national record as the biggest system in the country for about 5 months, until ARCO completes a larger installation in Alabama.

To read more about this project the record-breaking, space-saving racking system, dive into the March edition of The Exchange.

Entrance and dock positions of seafood distribution center for NAFCO in Jessup, MD