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At ARCO Design/Build, we are always looking for ways to add value to our partners and to companies that we strive to build a relationship with.  If there is any content that I believe can be beneficial to help with your operations and to help grow your business, I want to ensure that you have access to this content in case you and your team can find value within the information.

From an article I read recently about the changing logistics within the food distributor sector, I picked a short list of “organizational imperatives that can help food retailers and manufacturers accelerate omni-channel success.”  These six imperatives were devised from The FMI-Nielsen Digital Readiness Assessment Survey and in-depth interviews across many grocery retailers and manufacturers:

  • Merge digital and in-store shelf capabilities. Manage the physical shelf and its digital counterpart to create a seamless shopping experience, where consumers see the same information both online and offline.
  • Align organizational structures. Integrate digital offerings in parallel with brick-and-mortar operations.
  • Address discrepant datasets. Scrub master data files for discrepancies; strong data and accuracy are critical components to successfully support online sale efforts.
  • Integrate forecasts to increase operational efficiencies.
  • Integrate online and offline forecasting so the right amount of inventory is available to meet orders through either channel.
  • Optimize shopper insights. Bring retailer and manufacturer shopper information together into a single, comprehensive view of customer insights.
  • Improve marketing and promotions. Optimize the management of omni-channel marketing and promotions.

Read the Full Article at the Source:  The Changing Logistics of Grocery Delivery: It’s In The Bag