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ARCO Design/Build is proud to be working with Heaven Hill Brands, the distinguished family-owned leader in distilled spirits, and NTS Development, a full-service, diversified real estate company located across the Midwest and Southeast, on the construction of Heaven Hill’s new office space in the East End of Louisville. Set to open in 2025, this project at the ShelbyHurst Office Campus represents the latest evolution in workplace design.

The “815 Building,” spanning 48,190 square feet, is custom-tailored for Heaven Hill as the sole occupant. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it will boast an array of features such as a grand staircase within a lofty two-story atrium, a tasting bar adjacent to an open-air amphitheater, and vibrant exterior LED lighting. Generous infusions of natural light and superior AA+ finishes will make this space not just an office, but a beacon of style and inspiration to the space.

The choice of ShelbyHurst Office Campus for Heaven Hill’s new location ensures employees will have access to campus amenities like landscaped outdoor spaces, walking and cycling paths, a selection of dining options, and strategic proximity to the airport and residential districts.

ARCO Design/Build is honored to have been selected by NTS Development as the design-builder for this project. As Heaven Hill continues to elevate its brand and invest in its people, we look forward to working alongside NTS and Heaven Hill to make this vision a reality.