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ARCO Design/Build (ARCO), a leading design-build construction firm that specializes in cold storage and refrigerated facilities, has partnered with National DCP, LLC (NDCP) to spearhead the development of a new 79,296-square-foot food service distribution center in Burleson, Texas. This $25 million development, which broke ground in late June, is set to enhance Dunkin’s supply chain network across North Texas and surrounding regions.

Building for Growth: ARCO’s Innovative Approach

Known for proficiency in designing and constructing tailored cold storage and refrigerated facilities, ARCO’s blend of nationwide experience, centralized oversight, and the value of design-build ensures the successful delivery of a new distribution center that will meet the evolving needs of Dunkin’s expanding footprint.

“We are honored to be National DCP’s design-build partner for this project, exemplifying ARCO’s commitment to designing and constructing innovative cold storage solutions,” said Brian Osterloh, Executive Vice President of ARCO Design/Build. “In collaboration with National DCP and Dunkin’, we are leveraging our expertise in temperature-controlled environments to design a facility that enhances efficiency, ensures optimal product quality, and accommodates future growth.”

Strategically Positioned for Success

Situated just 15 miles south of Fort Worth, the Burleson distribution facility will play a crucial role in supporting over 350 Dunkin restaurants across Texas, Oklahoma, southern Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Colorado. This facility will become NDCP’s tenth distribution center nationwide, reinforcing its capability to deliver efficient supply chain solutions to Dunkin’ franchisees across a broad region.

“This centralized location will allow us to better serve members throughout Texas and the region,” said Stephen Down, CEO of National DCP. “The City of Burleson has been a terrific partner, and their local investment in education will enrich our future workforce.”

Economic Impact and Community Engagement

The Burleson distribution center represents a substantial addition to the local community. NDCP, a $3 billion supply chain management company based in Georgia, is set to receive $400,000 in incentives from the City of Burleson once construction is completed. The facility is expected to employ nearly 80 people, contributing to the local economy and providing new job opportunities.

Supporting Dunkin’s Expansion

NDCP, which manages the supply chain for over 10,000 Dunkin’ quick-service restaurants nationwide and distributes products to more than 40 countries, is leveraging ARCO’s design-build expertise to support its ongoing expansion. With over 70 Dunkin’ locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and 234 in Texas, the new distribution facility will be pivotal in ensuring seamless operations and timely delivers to franchisees throughout the reigon.

Project Timeline

Scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2025, the Burleson distribution center is designed to handle Dunkin’s current demands and future growth. ARCO Design/Build is set to deliver a facility that not only meets but exceeds the operational standards required by NDCP and Dunkin’.

  1. From Left to Right: Eric Safko, CEO – ARCO Design/Build, Will Whitehead, EVP Operations – NDCP, Bryce Wegman, Sr. Design/Build Manager – ARCO Design/Build, Ken Sheeler, Superintendent – ARCO Design/Build, Mallory Gardener, Design/Build Manager – ARCO Design/Build, Steve Domonkos, COO – NDCP. ↩︎