DHL Bayer

Warehouse Renovation in McDonough, GA


Project Details

800,000 SF Existing Warehouse Renovation
120,000 SF of Aerosol Type II & III Storage Rooms
15,950 SF Office & Common Space Renovation
3,000 SF Enclosed Battery Charge Room Supporting 30 Battery Chargers
15,950 SF Office & Common Space Renovation
Power Supply to 100,000 SF of Packaging and Conveyor Equipment
Relocation of Existing Overhead Warehouse Lights to Match 275,000 SF of Newly Installed Racking
150,000 Gallon Water Storage Tank and Redundant Diesel Fire Pump
Fully Automated Warehouse Climate Control Management System
Replacement of 188 Overhead Dock Doors Insulated
Photo Beam Detector Fire Alarm System
Three (3) Full Height Demising Walls and 17 Overhead Coiling Fire Doors to Compartmentalize the Warehouse
Fire Sprinkler Water Containment System Throughout Entire Warehouse
9,000 SF Office Buildout
1 Mile of Road Built to Access the Site from 2 Directions

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