Goodman E-Commerce Fulfillment Center

Etters, Pennsylvania

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E-commerce Facility Construction

ARCO collaborated with developer Goodman to design and build a 732,000 SQ FT E-commerce fulfillment center.

The 732,000 SF build-to-suit facility is customized for an online pet retailer as the end user. This e-commerce fulfillment center includes a 6,100 Sq Ft office and over 14,000 square feet for a training room, recruiting office area, and 3 breakrooms. The warehouse provides a 40’ clear height, 60 dock positions, and 2 exterior smoker’s canopies.

Using ARCO’s design-build construction methodology and streamlined processes, the team efficiently adapted the facility to accommodate the specialized needs of the online retailer.

“I’ve worked with ARCO for over 17 years because they‘ve always delivered for me but more importantly because I trust them. ARCO has created a culture that demands they do the “right thing” for their customers always…no questions asked. ARCO will not rest until they’ve exceeded their customers expectations (cost, schedule, design, quality, customer service, etc.)”

Charles Stehlik | Goodman Logistics

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